Young Adults

A Defining Decade - Developing Future Leaders

young adult program 2013 preachingThe twenties is a time of transition, challenges and opportunities. It is a time when we make important decisions that can impact the rest of our lives. It is also a time when we form the skills, understanding and faith that shape our contribution to the world around us. The contributions we make, in one form or another, are all aspects of leadership. While leadership may not be a term many young people would use to describe themselves, when considered as the capacity to influence another, all of us participate in leadership in one way or another.
Presbyterian College is committed to helping young people develop their leadership potential in both the church and the world.

In order to do so, it has developed a program for people in their twenties centered around four week-long events. These are:

Discovering Your Dependable Strengths

We are best positioned to make a difference when we know what we are good at and find enjoyment in doing those things. Discover Your Dependable Strengths is a program that helps young people understand their gifts by exploring their life experiences. Through telling their own story, people discover those gifts that consistently rise to the top and form the basis for what they do best.

Engaging the World – Conversations of Faith

Sometimes the best way to learn leadership is to see it in other people in other contexts. This program consists of a week-long trip to Cuba to meet with other young people and leaders in the church. Through travel and conversation we will be invited into stories of courage, perseverance and creativity—all key characteristics of leadership. We will explore the struggles and celebrations of other young people in a context very different from our own.

Being Rooted in a Thinking Faith

Actions stem from beliefs. Knowing what we believe and why we believe it are key factors in leadership. But formulating a deep faith takes time and effort. This week is meant to give young adults the time and resources they need to wrestle with real questions of faith as well as with real experiences of faith. It also involves understanding the faith of others and will also include visits to places of other faiths.

Using our Gifts – the Task of Preaching

This program will help participants engage in the task of preaching. It will also emphasize the necessity of taking risks and moving outside of our normal comfort zone, which are also key elements of leadership.

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