Church renewal – a mentoring group

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A mentoring group focused on church renewal was formed in March 2016. Led by the Rev. David Moody, the group has begun meeting by videoconference. The following is an overview.
In this post-Christendom era, many churches that were once strong and vital communities of faith are now aging congregations struggling to be relevant in a culture that has left them behind.  The purpose of this group is to study what it means to reimagine these churches as the living, thriving Body of Christ uniquely placed by God in community for God’s Kingdom purposes.   

Because God leads through Godly leaders, we will also study healthy leadership in a Presbyterian context.  We will look at the role of courage, humility, discernment, servant leadership and authentic community in leading renewal.  We will study what healthy leaders from our own denomination and beyond can teach us about leading renewal.  And we will courageously share our own leadership struggles, as we seek to support one another and grow as leaders in community.

This group will meet by videoconference for 2 hours every month for the first 6 months.  Meetings will be structured in a small group format, including sharing victories and struggles; studying scripture and resource books; and praying for one another.  After 6 months, the group will evaluate the experience, with the option of extending for another 6 months.  After the first year, the members will collectively shape the long-term plan for the group.

The group is led by Rev. David Moody from Family Church of Heritage Green (Heritage Green Presbyterian Church).  Heritage Green is a “church replant” located in Upper Stoney Creek.  Over the course of a year and a half, the church has gone from being an aging congregation with an average Sunday attendance of under 15, to a thriving congregation filled with young families and an average 20 children worshipping each Sunday.  Heritage Green is continually exploring what it means to be a renewing congregation.

Youtube: David talks about the Family Church of Heritage Green. Given June 2015 at the 141st General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in Canada.