The Leadership Centre – Presbyterian College

We train men and women to be leaders in their communities: the church, the workplace, the world.
We are a theological college of

The Presbyterian Church in Canada

Rooted in Reformed Faith and Tradition, we welcome learners from all Christian traditions here in Canada and from all over the world.
Affiliated with the School of Religious Studies, McGill University,
We are in the heart of Montreal, a vibrant french-speaking city of a million and a half people, home to many who have come from many nations around the globe.

  • Looking for an accredited theological college with an emphasis on leadership, renewal and mission?
  • Looking for a place where faith is both challenged and built up?
  • Looking for a multi-cultural environment where you meet people from all over the world?
  • Looking for a place with a rich long tradition centred in Christ?
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What we do

Lay leadership program

The different gifting/skills of individuals within the body of Christ combine synergistically to form a vibrant and healthy congregation. We offer a Diploma in Team Ministry designed for non-clergy, for anyone wanting to discover and develop their abilities in ministry. We want to help pastors and ministers by equipping individuals in their congregations gifted for ministries such as leading Bible studies, discipleship and small groups, preaching, leading worship, music.

Pastors to Pastors

Congregational ministry is challenging work and when clergy suffer in their work, congregations also suffer. The Pastors to Pastors Program focuses on the importance of clergy renewal. Based on small clergy peer groups, mentored by experienced, carefully selected pastors, ministers take part in transformational retreats over a year. Participants have experienced significant growth in critical areas, e.g., spiritual vitality, leadership effectiveness, stress processing, and personal awareness.

Continuing Education

Henry Ford once said that anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Rick Warren wrote that the moment you stop learning, you stop leading.  We are committed to offering quality teaching in a Continuing Education format, making life-long learning a reality for our ministers and church leaders.

Young adults

We are committed to helping young people develop their leadership potential in both the church and the world.  Early adulthood is a time of transition, challenges and opportunities.  It is also a time when we form the skills, understanding and faith that shape our contribution to the world around us.  We have a developed a program for people in their twenties entered around four week-long events over four years.


Theological education does not end after a student graduates from seminary and enters congregational work.  We walk alongside, support and mentor ministers in their early years of congregational work, helping them build leadership qualities necessary for steering the church to renewal and revitalization.


We bring together the expertise, knowledge and experience of recognized theologians, ministers, church planters and church leaders.  We conduct workshops and seminars on leadership, church renewal and church growth around the country.  We are establishing a Centre for Research on Leadership that will focus on both scholarly and applied facets of leadership in Christian communities from its origins to the present day.